Mindful brushwork program


This program is made up of a minimum of 4 sessions and it can take up to 2 or 3 months to reach personal goals or benefits.

It is a flowing and beautiful process and if interested in joining me, I will be very happy to connect.

To know more, please book a call with me by going to schedule.



This program is for anyone who would like to relax and reconnect with nature and the self. It will provide clarity and awareness using the line and the philosophy approach of Zen.

We will begin with an introduction to mindfulness and the connections between art and meditation. Then we dive into specific sections discussing tools and materials needed and the approach to take through mindful exercises.

While harnessing the power of meditation, you will learn to create personalized pieces in black ink as well as colour. There's no need to follow the instructions exactly; just make what inspires you.

The sessions will encourage to enjoy working with brushwork as a relaxing and reflective art. We will focus on the creative process, rather than worrying about the final piece.

The step-by-step instruction and support that follow take you through the process of creating your own ink-and-brush art by setting an intention at the beginning to channel the energy into a positive mind set.


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