Drawing in a circle – Find your inner creative voice




Would you like to find your voice and connect with your inner self through the creative expression of Mandala?
Spend 3 days with me for a visual meditation that can open new worlds, but mostly bring mindfulness and relaxation.
12th to 14th February
Day 1
intro and learning a basic design to start connecting with the circle, shapes and colours.
Day 2
We will work on the petal mandala and then move from there to create a more personal work expressing yours feelings.
Day 3
we will finally work on vision Mandala where you will use the circle as the space to express and connect to your true self.
€35 (one hr each day) connecting through Zoom. I will also be recording the event and share the link after each day.
Join me for this event that last 3 days to have this journey together.
I look forward to connect with you.

for more details please contact me at monika.cilmi@yahoo.co.uk or schedule a free call with here.

see event of fb


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