Hi! My name is Monika Cilmi
Do you need to find balance, peace and enrich your space with visual that bring the right energy? Let me help you!
Since childhood I felt close to spiritual and creative practices and especially attracted by dance. Shamanism and the deep love for nature was always present for me. I have always wanted to find a balance connecting with my inner self and find my real path. Art and creativity are my life, it is who I am not just what I do. I have survived a traumatic childhood, illness and depression, and for many years I have struggled with anxiety, insecurity and finding my place as an artist. it has been an incredible healing journey for me and I have achieved so much since then, being able to become the artist I want to be and now helping others with similar struggles through creative coaching with Mandala art and chakradance as well.
My work is inspired by nature and the body-mind relationship. It expresses the harmony between a logical research, personal feelings, and instinctive actions. Paper has always been my passion and it is a crucial part of my research. its various applications follow an abstract path visible through the extraordinary elements and materials in which are created. It is my main material which I use for drawing and painting but also 3D work. I love to investigate into new ideas and never following a traditional path. I have exhibited my work internationally, won awards and publications such as “stroke of genius 4” and “best of British illustration 2012” and I have collaborated with a dance company in Mexico working on an incredible performance using my work as in interactive art installation. An incredible experience crossing disciplinary boundaries.
I am continually active in the local community and I love to link art with wellness. I run workshops and courses using mandala, chakras and Zen philosophy with my "line and colour vision technique" as a creative tool to empower people and help them to follow their dream and transform their life.
What People Say
While I have known of the power of Mandala to help with deepening a meditation, I had NO idea how powerful they are in helping to heal deep wounds. Working with Monika and her Magical Mandalas has allowed me to open myself to aspects of my personality and being, to understand some of my deep-set fears, drives and desires. Monika has a unique gift for using mandala. She is warm, generous, calm and exudes love. I am so blessed to have met and worked with her. I look forward to many more opportunities to do so in the future.
Shante Kumar

I started a program with Monika in October 2018. At first, I found it difficult to visualise. The weekly contact with Monika helped me to recognise my thoughts, beliefs and fears which were holding me back from achieving my dream. Again, the act of writing is a useful aid in getting deep inside the mind, I found it cathartic, clarifying and cleansing. I see myself as still on this journey and I am now more grateful and appreciative of the familiar and overlooked things in life. I have a much better approach to dealing with thoughts and feelings about failure. This programme has worked better for me than anything else that I have tried as it provides an inclusive and holistic approach.
Wendy Charlton

Since finding Monica and joining the group I have learnt so many things; about mandala art of course, but also about colour, about connection, about the healing nature of the form and the colours that come to me. Colours with no name. Sky, tree, sunrise, moonshine, sea. Working with mandala art has changed the way I look at things; peeled back the onion skin and found a bit of me I did not know was there. I have always loved colour, the chakra colours, and their meanings. Monica's work with us has enabled me to find the pattern and colours that somehow link me to my ancestral past. I have used them to illustrate my writing and other creative projects.
Maggie Singleton

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